Success Stories

Focusing offers many benefits.  Below are some short and sweet accounts of the success folks have had with Focusing.  

I was struggling with an intense pull toward a project I’m passionate about and the opposing need to be more on top of my work assignments. After 5 guided Focusing sessions with Sharry, I felt more balanced and clear about how to proceed with both. Also these sessions helped me in another way. They were instrumental in helping me to better experience, as a novice, the nuances and richness of Focusing.

Bill P., Minnesota

Through Focusing I am learning how to maintain a higher level of ease, reverence, groundedness, and joy while working in a business world; while walking through life. I am definitely getting at a different level of information from doing Focusing.

AW, Shady Cove, OR

I was waking up feeling angry at the world even though I have a rich and fulfilling life. After three sessions of Focusing with Sharry, I felt much more connected with my body and was back to being grateful for both the challenges and the gifts coming my way.

Sue H., Ashland, OR

I leave my Focusing session with Sharry feeling centered, renewed, clear and enthused. This process which is like lifting a gossamer veil to reveal my own compassionate wisdom, seems magical and yet is totally ordinary and comfortable. I appreciate Sharry's gentle guidance because it helps me move forward in a safe way without being intrusive.

Selene Aitken, M.Ed, Ashland, OR

I have been a recipient of Sharry’s gentle and professional Focusing sessions over the phone. Distance prevents otherwise, but after the first session I knew that I was receiving the same attention from Sharry that I would in person. The issue I focused on is a tough nut to crack, since it is the result of over eight years of procrastination in addressing my reticence to do the physical work required. After my sessions so far I have been much more accepting of the time the project will take to complete even the initial difficult and boring work. I found myself calmly telling my husband that I needed his help to get going, something I hadn’t asked for prior to Focusing. He had a week off from work in late December and helped me get started! This I know: without my sessions with Sharry I’d still be stuck, feeling overwhelmed and alone.

Lydia M., Silverton, OR