Free Resources for Working on Your Own

Perhaps you’d like to know how to make Focusing work well for you, even when working alone.

Audio Lead-in – 2 ½ minute “lead-in” to help you prepare for Focusing

Download the mp3

Some Tips on Focusing Alone [PDF] - article from Focusing Connection newsletter, March 2010

Solo Focusing – pamphlet with suggestions for making solo sessions go well
View and download pamphlet [PDF]

Worksheet for Self Guiding – A 2 page document that has reminders of what you might say as you go through your session, with room to write responses to help you stay in touch with what is arising.
View and download Worksheet for Self Guiding [PDF]

There are times you may want a professionally guided session with me.  Situations in which I can be particularly helpful:

  • You are dealing with difficult emotions and want help staying in Presence with them
  • You are not sure how to deal with inner criticism
  • You have several inner feelings and find it challenging to pay attention to all of them
  • You are still learning  Focusing and want the experience of working with a professional guide
  • You  love having a companion, but exchanges do not fit your schedule

To set up a Focusing session e-mail or call