Sharry Teague

I would love to help you learn Focusing because of the benefits I receive from this amazing process. For years I lived with my boom and bust cycle of energy: wild enthusiasm for a new project, great activity leading to overwhelm, crash! Then I found Focusing. I remember distinctly the session in which I got a clear message, “Go Flowly”. It brought a laugh and lasting change. I still get enthusiastic, but it’s no longer manic. I still move through challenges, but they no longer end with a crash.

It is also a joy to see the immediate gains made by clients. As a high school teacher, I rarely knew the impact of my work. As I guide a Focusing session, clients connect intimately with an important life issue, and the results are tangible. When the session ends we both know something has shifted.

My credentials are listed below. But they are only a part of my preparation. Being a parent; teaching pre-school, high school, and serving as a high school guidance counselor; my own personal and spiritual growth experiences – these all contribute to a life rich in learning to listen and respond empathically.

During this journey I’ve learned from many impactful teachers, Ann Weiser Cornell, Arnold Mindell, Jean Houston, Peggy Rubin, Rabia Ana Perez, Radha Conrad, Rod Birney, Russell Delman, Suzanna Nadler, Rachael Resch, Gene Gendlin, and Thich Nhat Hanh. I have greatly appreciated their guidance and continue to be influenced by their teaching.

Let’s explore Life in the Flow Lane together.

I would love to speak with you personally to answer questions and discuss how you might use Focusing. If you e-mail ahead we can set up a 20 minute consultation session. Or just call. I’ll call back if I’m not available right then. This would be a time for us to get acquainted, rather than an actual Focusing session.
541.488.8016 sharry@LifeInTheFlowLane.com

Sharry Teague, M.S.
Ashland, Oregon


Professional Focusing Guide: Certified by Ann Weiser Cornell and The Focusing Institute
Embodied Life Mentorship Program with teacher Russell Delman
SoulCollage Facilitator® (click here for examples of my SoulCollage® cards)
Oregon State University: M.S. Counseling
Southern Oregon University: M.S. Secondary Education/Social Science
Certified School Counselor and Teacher