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Sharry Teague during a phone session

Sharry working with a client
by phone

What do I need to know?

You don’t have to know Focusing before our first meeting. I will be guiding you through each step with gentle suggestions. We can work together effectively by phone. Or, if you live in the Rogue Valley in Oregon, we can meet in person.

What is Focusing like?

As we begin our session together, I will invite you to bring attention to what you’re experiencing in your body and noticing what happens when you do that. Together we will follow your process as it unfolds.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t make logical sense right now. Focusing is a non-linear process. I find that explaining Focusing is a bit like explaining water – it’s hard to “get it” until you’ve gotten your feet wet.

I leave my Focusing session with Sharry feeling centered, renewed, clear and enthused. This process which is like lifting a gossamer veil to reveal my own compassionate wisdom, seems magical and yet is totally ordinary and comfortable. I appreciate Sharry's gentle guidance because it helps me move forward in a safe way without being intrusive.

Selene Aitken, M.Ed, Ashland, OR

How do I learn more about Focusing?

I would love to speak with you in person (or by e-mail) to answer questions. That is the best way to know if Focusing would help and if I am the right guide for you. In the meantime you can start learning immediately with items on my Free Resources page. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

One session or a series?

While not all situations are fully resolved in a single session - a difficult challenge or long standing issue may take several rounds of Focusing to complete itself - people usually sense a deeper connection with themselves after Focusing.


40 minute session $55
60 minute session for $85

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Discounts available for purchasing 3 session or 5 session packages.
Sliding scale/barter options available.

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